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group was 14-17. was beaten byman teenagers at one station. told us safety should be priority. >> for the amount we are paying ride, security should be paramount. >> metro says many of the cameras have been there since 1976. images are too poor to hold up in court. new cameras will be high resolution. >> they will know who the are and i would feel safe. >> but for some, it is not enough. >> a lot of this stuff is happening on the trains and platforms. something is better than nothing but they need to go beyond that. >> metro may be adding a of enforcement of existing is already spread too thin. >>> we are falling breaking news leak in gaithersburg. newschopper 7 is near the area. is where a construction hit a natural gas pipe. crews have evacuated a nearby building. looking for a serial bank robber in virginia. this shows the same man running branches in arlington and alexandria. he robbed a bank on december 14. then the same man robbed a bank america on north washington street and one in alexandria. the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. >>> we are falling m
. the family was in court but not talking to the victims' families or to us. one man repeatedly tried to block our camera. prosecutors say after the crash he left the scene. >> he picked up my brother's arm, dropped it, got in the car and drove away. people who strike gears are more compassionate than that. >> members of the fbi were a special pen who -- in honor. the man was driving on an unrestricted license and the laws need to change. >> they need to stop treating criminals like they are victims. >> he will be sentenced on may 18th. he could get anywhere from three months to eight years. they could give more or less time. >>> a d.c. school principal is under investigation after a student accused him of attacking her. the alleged incident happened this morning in southeast. family members say the students as the principal pulled the student's hair and hit her. officials say the principle was involved in a physical altercation trade no charges were filed in both parties are being investigated. >> sources from the health department say the agency as close to announcing rules on t
of the stories we're working on -- the u.s. has joined an international coalition to use force against muammar gaddafi. we will tell you what is ahead for this war-torn investigation. the military investigates after gruesome photos resurface involving two american soldiers in afghanistan. those stories are at 6:00. >>> let's take a look at what is going on with the weather. >> the first full day of spring and we had thunderstorms in the morning. more showers and storms but let's get started to the west of the metro area with a lot of yellow and red specks -- those are developing thunderstorms moving out of west virginia. if you live near woodstock, you are getting hammered right now. we can take a larger view by looking at the storms can. showers and storm stretching back to ohio with individual storms popping up. through the night isolated showers and thunderstorms but many in the '70s and a delightful whether in the '60s. a chance of thundershowers through the evening hours eventually dropping to the '60s. isolated showers should end in the overnight hours. a cold front will slip
they counted 25 victim so far. one spoke with us about a photo shoot that she described as terrifying. it was not the first time the 23-year-old had worked with him. but it was certainly the last. the waitress and her cousin went to the photographer's home for a photo shoot in january. >> they recommended him. >> when she went into an upstairs changing room, they discovered a video camera recording their every move. >> i picked up the camera and zairean dropped everything and walk upstairs. he freaked out. >> faulkner told some of the 25 models identified so far that he was taking their photos for a calendar. the spokesman told us that faulkner was not an employee the and they do not hire free-lance photographers. a search warrant of his home turned up a collection of vhs tapes, digital images, and hard drives. >> there are thousands of images on those hard drives. >> faulkner try to hide the evidence. >> he erased the files, but he did not wipe them out. >> even though you are sitting with someone that is supposed to be a professional, it is not always the case. >> we tried to talk t
traveled to egypt to support a program. >> they pay us. it is a profit-making enterprise for us. >> the airfare costs $8,000. they remained suspicious but they are not ready yet to call for his ouster. >> if there is an issue, they will require him to refund the money. >> council members were told that udc's auditors investigating. they want to know to whom she reports. when they learned that the auditor reports to the president, they suggested an independent auditor. from the wilson building, sam ford, abc7 news. >>> and maryland congressman is pushing for a law to ban all protests at military generals. than double legislation today in response to last week's supreme court decision that ruled the anti-gay protests by the westboro baptist church protected by the first amendment. his bill would ban protests without violating free speech. >>> the suspect in the east coast rapist case is behind bars. a new search tool could have led to his arrest well before that. gail pennybacker joins us with more. it looks like this could solve other cold cases as well. is that right? >> it like
. >> it gave us a lot of concern. a special aba we thought it might be unsafe. >> -- especially when we thought it would be unsafe. >> i noticed there was some white stuff. we need to do something. >> the bomb squad is still in the house right now. they have not determined what is in the box. they are also not ready to move a yet. they are taking this very slowly. if anything develops, we will let you know what is going on. back to our top story. the supreme court allowing coralline hateful protests at military funerals. >> good afternoon. we are disappointed in today's the ruling. italy's military families without meaningful legal recourse when they're targeted for abuse by the westboro baptist church. we fought the good fight. those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the nation. despite the end result, i am proud of our legal team. these people from kansas have savaged -- this gentleman from pennsylvania is the only one u.s. had the courage to stand up and fight this thing the court system while his heart was breaking. amidst all this legal wrangling that we are discussing today, i
million in support for education. that is why customers told us they do not mind the extra cost. >> i think that is a plus for the schools. it is worth it to me. >> you have to get money wherever you can come in since i do not drink anymore, go for it. >> behind the counter they fear what that will mean. >> i think that will take away our business. >> certainly there will be an intense lobbying effort. supporters of this measure say it is not just about dollars and cents. they say it is fine with them if people buy and abuse alcohol and the state of maryland just a little less. >> our by hours of threats and response. the radiation the years in japan is changing. radiation in seawater is more than 3000 times the legal limit. today we have learned the plant president is being treated at a hospital. the very latest on his condition in new developments coming up at 6:00. and >>> it was 30 years ago this day that president ronald reagan was shot. president reagan and the white house press secretary and two others were injured. spher>> 30 years later he is still here. i want
. they have not been able to complete all those tests to find out if the same gun was used in both of the shootings. >> thank you. a former employee is talking about the murder case that has rocked the metropolitan washington area. she was alarmed that brittany norwood was able to work in the first place. >> this woman is blasting lulu clems for allowing her to work at the story anre. she could not keep quiet any longer. she said that brittany norwood was let go for discount that but transferred to bethesda. >> one to allow people to get away with something, they think they can do it again. >> that is what happened when her co-worker found the 28-year- old was stealing merchandise. >> jane called the manager with her suspicions after she closed the store. >> a source said it is policy to half the employees check each other's backs before leaving. this former worker said there were never just two people at closing. >> how uncomfortable how unprofessional. how awkward to put one person alone in the position of having to catch someone in the act. >> the woman questions why there were
or knock on doors. investigators tell us that the man brandished a gun at several people, including a teenager. >> threatening a kid with a gun, that is wrong. if you want to go out and kill yourself, go out and kill yourself. but the other people alone. >> dorthy had pulled up just moments before he pulled the gun. >> investigators say the man brandished his gun at the first officers on the scene and four of them took aim and fired. >> he was just up and down the street with a gun. >> we see some detectives coming up the street. ray leonard wrote. again, a very active crime scene. none of the people who called 911 say they recognize the man who was brandishing the handgun. also, they do not know whether he lived in this particular neighborhood. the investigation continues. at last report the man was still in critical condition. >>> a d.c. police officer is in trouble with the law. he is accused of breaking into a home over the weekend. brean burglarized a home on colorado northwest and that she was leaving, officers moved in and arrested her. she has been placed on administrative l
they have arrested one suspect. the chief will be briefing us at 6:30. she but police maj. the only thing they are saying is ballistic testing was completed, and those test allow police to make this arrest to confirm the link and get the suspects in custody. people will be breathing a sigh of relief. >> ask anybody about reasonsfor recent crimes and they're likely to say something like this -- >> it is a little suspicious to me. >> last righted this man was found shot to death in his home. he was a devout muslim who is the most of his time of the muslim community center. >> he was always so alive. everybody loved him. he was always going up to grooms and advising them on how to treat their wives fairly. >> monday this man was gunned down as he walked home from his job on monday. he had not even collected his first american paycheck. he had nothing our robber would want. and so people are waiting for answers, hoping that their sense of security can be restored. >> it is a shame where itwe cannot go where we want to go and our own neighborhood. >> again, under arrest has been m
complex. her bank accounts and credit cards have not been used since the end of january. >> we would like to help the family and hope that there is something beyond suspicion of foul play. >> investigators say there are no obvious signs of foul play in this case they are hoping that the publicity will help get some leads for her family and for investigators who are looking for tonight. >>> marion barry got the boot tonight'. today, his car was botted. what did he have to say about this latest snafu? >> we are outside varian barry's house. behind me is his jaguar. during the night, he got a visit from the boat people. -- boot people. his jaguar was sitting back at his house. >> i was not a where. -- aware. >> a check of city records show that he is car had nine tickets totaling $700 before locations all over the d.c. >> how did you get to work this morning? >> talking to some of his neighbors, we found many surprised the you could get at least nine tickets. >> 20 minutes later, they towed it. >> the director of public works agreed. >> we saw his car with a boat on it. -- boot on it. >> the
. >> the u.s. department of education is finding the university $50,000 for the slow response to deadly shootings. the university sent out an e- mail to hours later after the gunmen had killed 30 more people. >> the supreme court took on a case involving one of the country's biggest retailers. a group of female employees accuses the store of discrimination. >> this has garnered a lot of attention. people were lined up hoping they would be able to get a seat inside hoping they would be able to watch at -- what could become the largest case of its kind in u.s. history. outside the courthouse, dozens use the walmart case to protest what they call continued pay discrimination between men and women. >> women are earning 70 cents on a man's dollar. >> we know when you're discriminated against women not going to stand for. >> betty doduke filed a lawsuit. >> she file thatd lawsuit 10 years ago and six women in california signed on with similar claims. >> the question before the supreme court can a class- action suit be brought against the chain to include the women who ever worked for walmart?
today of some of that snow-covered areas out to the north. here is how things are shaping up over us for what is going on right now. we will be seeing the temperatures and on doppler nothing going on around us, nor will there be overnight. but it will be called -- look at hagerstown right now. 39 degrees. temperatures tomorrow morning into the 20s. the sunshine will be back but more and more, it looks likely we will be seeing some snow on sunday. >>> an unusual and powerful tornado touched down in western pennsylvania. as you can see, destroying homes, businesses and even a high school. most of the damage was in westmoreland county near pittsburgh. students got video of the tornado and we will have some of their dramatic photos coming up in about 10 minutes. >>> now to the latest in the olney murders. the defendant was in court today and the rest questions about his mental stability. >> last evening, when authorities announced the arrest, the state's attorney raised questions about whether or not this man had been properly supervised under a court ordered mental health sy
will be in april. the charges are very serious, assault and hazing. assault could carry us a sentence of seven years. hazing is a misdemeanor. it has been at least 10 years since anyone at the university of maryland was charged with such a crime. four of the seven accused sisters appeared in court today. none would speak to reporters. the lawyer for one of them did speak out. >> the idea of hazing is abhorrent to her, absolutely and completely something that she does not subscribe to in any way. what happened to the alleged victim? we are not sure. i know that she did not do it. >> these are the sisters of zeta phi beta in happier times, performing a skit for a campus event. did they are a national organization and have been at maryland for 30 years. last fall, a 22-year-old pledge seeking membership was taken here and punched, choked, and beaten with a wooden paddle. she was told it was an initiation rite. eventually, she identified seven women as her attackers. two are not pictured here. all are charged with assault and hazing. >> i have been a part of sports teams my whole life. i have neve
want to know he was a good man. >> he wanted to do everything for us. >> he was working extra to try to make money to make sure that the 1-year-old son would have everything they needed. the dominance say they will remain closed indefinitely for the safety of the employees who still work here. brad bell, abc7 news. >>> currents in the montgomery county are outraged after a bus driver was arrested on child pornography charges. after a yearlong investigation charles acker was arrested in february. we are outside the middle school with the story. julie? >> this is one of four schools for which charles acker drove a bus. we spoke to one mother who said the the child rode his boss. he told funny stories and gave them can. police arrested charles acker for having trouble pornography. after nearly one yearlong investigation, they found him living with his mother in germantown. they did not alert the parents whose children rode on his boss. >> -- on his bus. >> that's ridiculous. >> he drove for lakeland is park middle school, brownstation, poolesvile and quince orchard. it is cool spokesper
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15